A story told with love.

The date for the screening of The City That Rocked The World has been set for 1st August at the Philharmonic Hall and I’ve been looking through my notes and research work from the film. This was a pretty big project. We have interviewed over 90 contributors for the documentary. Mainly musicians but also promoters, club owners and cultural commentators. Not all of them have made it into the story. Not because their contribution wasn’t valid or interesting but because there’s only so much you can squeeze into one production. (Plenty there for the DVD extras then!) I think there are 47 people appearing on screen and 6 live performances shot specially for the film.

So is this the definitive story of music created on the banks of the Mersey? No. It’s one story told with love. Another team would make a different film. The definitive story would probably run to 20 episodes there’s so much great music that has come out of this city.

Liverpool has been fortunate to be at the confluence of trade, nationalities, ideas and musical influences. Is it the greatest musical city in the UK? I would argue yes, but others may think differently.