Sound Agents and Skiffle

What better way to start the week than coffee and conversation with Moira Kenny and John Campbell. They’ve established their Sound Agent’s studio two floors above. I’m hoping sonic material will be seeping through the ceiling in the coming months.
At the Downtown Business conference last week there was much talk of apprenticeships and having spoken to a Community College rep I’m expecting a meeting later today about the possibility of Brightmoon taking on an apprentice. It’s a big commitment from both halves of the equation and we won’t enter into it if we can’t find a sustainable and quality experience for the young person. Get it right and it’s probably the best way to give someone a break and to recruit new staff. We’ll see.
I’m in search of skiffle, or at least a young band playing skiffle. It seems that skiffle was a significant factor in the embryonic Liverpool music scene of the late 50s so I want to recreate a scene for City That Rocked the World with a young skiffle band. If you know one… get in touch.

End of a good week.

Sitting in the half light of the Brightmoon Edit Suite Five and reflecting on a busy and successful week. We started on Monday with the It’s Liverpool Conference and managed to get a short film of the day edited and on the web by Wednesday evening (well done to Kris and Geoff who wielded cameras and Geoff again on the quick edit). It’s been well received and captures the excitement and debate of the speakers and delegates. On Wednesday we delivered a third film to the Big Life Company in Manchester and then last night had a festive offering screened at the gargantuan Downtown Livercool Awards (your correspondent is still recovering). Frank, Roger and the team at Downtown have had a fabulous week and I take my hat off to their ability to “put on a show”.
Next week sees the start of a large project – a feature length documentary celebrating the story of Liverpool music – The City That Rocked the World. Its been a long time since I was first approached to direct this film but we finally start pre-production next week. The film is being made in association with Stealth Media, Angry Badger Pictures and Get Back Films. More about this in the near future, I’m off for a bit of roast duck and a glass of wine – cheers!

Busy Day at the Downtown Business Conference

Monday was a great day filming at the Downtown In Business Conference at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. It’s always a pleasure to film at a well attended event with speakers at the top of their game. It was good to hear speaker after speaker talking about the importance of young people to the economy and the need to get education and training right. Well done Downtown for bringing over Paul Levy from Philadelphia to talk about that city’s history and the narrative of how they have tackled problems that sounded quite similar to some of the things that Liverpool has gone through in the last 100 years. But there are differences. Where we have produced amongst others the Beatles, Echo and the Bunnymen, OMD and the Las I’ve never been a great fan of “The Philly Sound” and I would have instantly demolished the Adelphi Ballroom in Philadelphia just on the basis that Daryl Hall and John Oates met there in 1967.
Anyway, it was an inspiring day and we are currently working on a 3min film which should give a taste of what the day was like and I hope the other material will become available in the near future.

Freelance Crew

We are very fortunate at Brightmoon to have developed relationships with some very good, young, freelance camera operators. I’ve spoken to two of our crew today, Geoff Owens and Kris McDonald. They have worked with us for a couple of years now on both broadcast productions and corporate films. We’ll be working with them at the Downtown Business Conference in Liverpool on Monday and I hope to be using them in the production of The City That Rocked the World – a feature length documentary celebration the whole history of Liverpool music. More about that later.

Welcome to the Brightmoon Blog

Hello and welcome. We’ll be using this blog to let you know about the work we are doing, what films are in production and keep you informed about any developments here at Brightmoon. There will also be comments and questions about current issues in the media and thoughts on technological developments and debates.
This first blog is being written as your correspondent is rendering a short film made for the Hope Street Centre. It’s an interview by Professor Robert Geyer of Lancaster University with Professor Eileen Munro discussing what’s next for child protection and family welfare. The interview will be of interest to any leaders and professionals working in the field of child protection and family welfare including statutory, third sector and voluntary organisations.
Brightmoon is also coming to the end of two productions for the Big Life Company celebrating two of their centres in Manchester.
We played host this morning to Roger Jonas of Downtown in Business fame. He was with us viewing a top secret film we are producing for Downtown. All will be revealed in the very near future.
So that’s blog number one under way. I’m hoping this will be updated daily so come back soon.